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category: Main Dish

Coffee Ice Cream

Hanilor-Lactalis Group Cheese Quesadillas Coffee Chocolate Ice Cream RATINGS: 5/5 Products Used Difficulty : Intermediate Time : 15 Minutes Category : Desset Recipe 1 can of Smeds condensed milk 500 ml. President Fresh Cream 35% Fat 12 gr. of dark coffee (any kind we prefer) 130 gr. of grated dark chocolate or chocolate chips 60 …

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Baked Asparagus Cannelloni

Hanilor-Lactalis Group Baked Asparagus Cannelloni Baked Asparagus Cannelloni RATINGS: 5/5 Products Used Difficulty : Intermediate Time : 30 mins Category : Main Dish Recipe 4 lasagna sheets 20 pcs fresh asparagus 4 slices of Al Fajr smoked turkey 40 grams of Smeds shredded mozzarella A pinch of French thyme For the bechamel sauce: 2 tbsp …

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Mozzarella Burger

Hanilor-Lactalis Group Mozzarella Burger Mozzarella Burger RATINGS: 5/5 Products Used Difficulty : Professional Time : 45 Minutes Category : Main Dish Recipe slices from Smeds mozzarella block 1.5 cm thick. 4 buns of burgers 8 slices of tomatoes 4 leaves of iceberg 200g flour with a pinch of salt and white pepper 6 eggs, well …

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