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category: Appetizers

Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur Coffee Chocolate Ice Cream Croque Monsieur 5 Ratings Products Used Difficulty : Beginner Time : 30 Minutes Category : Appetizers Recipe 1 pack of small club sandwich bread 3 slices of “Croque Monsieur” cheese from Smeds 50 gr. of smoked turkey from Al Fajr Pinch of oregano Bechamel sauce: 40 gr. of Smeds …

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Mexican cheese balls

Hanilor-Lactalis Group Mexican cheese balls Mexican cheese balls RATINGS: 5/5 Products Used Difficulty : Intermediate Time : 30 Minutes Category : Appetizers Recipe 140 gr. of Smeds spreadable cheese 3 slices of cheddar from Smeds 1 can of corn 2 pcs green onion finely chopped 200 gr. of tortilla chips 1 small jalapeno pickled finely …

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